Can Women Have It All Without Sacrifice?

Home Vs Work

Home Vs Work

Work Vs Home

Work Vs Home

So, it’s day two of Naplobomo month and honouring my commitment to post a blog everyday. I decided to post about a subject matter that has been on my mind for quite some time now. A question that me and my best friend had a conversation about not too long ago.

Can women have it all without sacrifice? I personally think women can’t have it all without sacrifice, and I come to this conclusion after being a guardian for my sister for the last five years.

This has really made question can I have it all? when I say ‘all’ I mean having a career and children. I ask this because I find it increasingly challenging to prioritise both mine and my sisters wants and needs.

I haven’t completely learned how to be selfless like my Mum was, and maybe I wont fully learn how to be selfless until I’m a Mother myself.

But one thing I have learned since becoming a guardian is sacrifice – missing out on the things I want to do, in order to make my sister happy or to support her ambitions as a young person (most of the time).

But its inevitable that there is always a push and pull factor, although I want to do everything I can to ensure my sister is happy and fulfilled. I’m young and there are many things that I want to achieve.

But at the moment I’m not in a position to have it all. There are times when I have to silently forfeit attending events or doing things I want to do, in order to make sure I support my sister in what she wants to do. This is what it means to sacrifice, yourself for the ones you love.

There are times when I will attend a work event and finish really late, which means that I wont have seen my sister all day. Then comes the guilt, feeling that I put work before my sister.

Which poses the question again can women have everything without sacrificing anything? because I know that when I’m chasing my own dreams, I don’t get to devote time to my sister the way I should.

So how will I manage when I eventually hopefully have children and a career. I think about the women who have no support who have to earn and look after their children as well.

Will I choose to climb up the career ladder, putting the home second or will I sacrifice the career to be with my children as my Mum did? But surely something has got to give, or can you have both equally without sacrifice?


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