New Year, New Beginnings – Lets ‘Work It Out’

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Its nearly that time of the year again, in a few weeks it will be 2016. Time to start finalising those new year resolutions (if of course you believe in the whole new years resolution thing).

Although I strongly believe that you don’t have to wait until the new year to take ownership of certain aspects of your life, and try and change something that your not happy with.

I do get slightly excited about what the new year might have in store all those new and exciting opportunities. Sometimes we look on the new year as starting afresh. We tell ourselves that we will do better, be better, having every intention to do just that.

But what happens when we set goals for ourselves and a month into the new year those goals for some of us, seem to fall by the waist side. We haven’t achieved what we set out to do, we slip into our old ways and nothing much changes. Does one carry on like that and wait for 2017 to start?

The point is, it is great to set new goals, and what better time than the new year? There is nothing wrong with wanting the upcoming year to exceed the previous one. But in order to try and stick to any goal we set ourselves no matter how big or small. We need to start gradually changing our mindset from now.

To just wake up on the 1st January 2016 and say right change starts today, is possible but, it’s harder if you prolong something. For example applying for a job, you don’t have to wait until January why not now? Maybe it should be called ‘end of year resolution’ instead.

Although I’ll be taking much of the old me into the new year. I have set myself what I feel are realistic goals. I haven’t even bothered adding ‘go to the gym’ because rightly or wrongly I’ve accepted that for me that just ain’t gonna happen, so I will continue to suck in my belly when needs be and focus on cutting out the junk food instead.

Tips for waving 2015 goodbye and embracing 2016

  • Acknowledge what you’ve achieved throughout 2015
  • Do that one thing that you have been longing to do
  • Find time for yourself and for others
  • Push that boldness even further by trying something new and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone (not too far of course)
  • Don’t forget to have some quality ‘me’ time even if its not as often as you’d like
  • Be selective in the things you devote your time to
  • Always give back when you can

Do you believe in making news year resolution? or do you think its a waste of time?

If you really want to make some real changes in the new year and feel you need a bit of support. Then I have just the thing for you, if you live in England and are young woman aged 18-30, then you can use a free, yes free personal coaching service called Work It Out.

You’ll be assigned a personal coach who will work around your convenience, you chose the method of communication telephone, whatsapp, email, text. Everything you say is confidential. The service is aimed at increasing the confidence of young women, and helping them strategise to achieve long term and short term goals, recognise your skills and how to articulate them in the best way in those all important interviews.

I used the service back in 2014 when I was going for numerous job interviews, me and my personal coach discussed different techniques on how to keep my nerves under control. She highlighted to me the skills I had. The skills that I thought were trivial but were in fact transferable. If it hadn’t had been for her pointing it out in this way I wouldn’t have seen these skills as valuable.

Sometimes we know what we want to achieve in life but we’re not quite sure how to go about it, or we have setbacks that its hard to recover from, we just need that upliftment and support.

For me personally the service helped me grow into an even stronger young woman, at times I have to remind myself that no man is an island. My personal coach is someone I can confide in who will see the best in me, remind me of my value as a young woman and just how much I can bring to the workplace.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in to make 2016 a positive year for personal and career development. Then why not sign up, or refer a friend. Check out the video below where you will hear from the young women who have used the service. work it out and the link below will explain what to do if you want to use the service.

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Here’s to 2016























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