Who am I? Why am I here?


The Girl Behind The Blogs

I’m Kerri 26 from a little but mighty borough called Lewisham (South East London). Similarly to other young women I have many dimensions to my life and my character. 

I’m a young (but not so young guardian) to my much younger sister who is still in her teens. A responsibility I could have never prepared myself for, after the passing of our beautiful, selfless, precious Mum passed away.

In many ways I’m still trying to find myself, and really trying to learn to be at peace. With the fact that I’m getting older day by day, (some people accept the ageing process with more ease not me). But I’m coming to realise that as we get older we learn more about the depths of our character.

Our strengths, weaknesses, our capabilities. That age gives us the grace to develop courage, through seeking and being blessed with new opportunities to achieve greater things with each year, and conquer new challenges which perhaps we would have shied away from in our younger years.

I view my blog as one of the positive things that has been created from the mere fact of getting older. As this is an exciting new venture, which takes courage and perseverance.

The main thing that makes me, me is my concern for society and the world in which we live. Especially in regards to the black community, young disadvantaged women, and young people. In particular those who have lost a parent/ become a guardian or carer.

My personal experiences and struggles I’ve endured is also what makes me Kerri. This is another reason that compelled me to start a blog. So often we sit in silence, mulling through our thoughts and sometimes, feeling our struggles are worse than everyone else’s. When sometimes what we need to do is express ourselves whether it be through the medium of writing, drawing, dancing.

Why Do I blog Publicly?

After writing numerous blogs for the women’s charity I work for (Young Women’s Trust). Two of my colleague’s praised my writing ability and encouraged me to start a personal blog. So it was time to shut the door on procrastination and take the plunge.

For me blogging is a way for us to share our stories and inspire others, especially if its a story you can draw parallel’s from. Sometimes we question how much personal information we should share. Especially publicly but just imagine, that one person can feel inspired or comforted, by your story. Then its worth sharing. Because all we have is our story, that’s what makes us US.

My main reason for blogging is to raise awareness, and inspire others.

What Are the Main Topics I Will Blog About?

  • personal life experiences
  • young disadvantaged women
  • black community
  • organisations doing meaningful work
  • stories covered in the media

Blogging Objectives for 2016 and beyond:

  • reach a wider audience (gain 500 followers in the year)
  • engage with more bloggers especially those from London
  • seek more like minded bloggers
  • build a loyal audience base
  • learn more about the blogging sphere
  • inform and highlight readers, about issue’s facing BME’s and young women
  • create a posting schedule and adhere to it
  • share the work of amazing organisations
  • take time to read other bloggers posts

I’m sure you all have goals for your blogs also, irrespective of if your new to blogging or, a seasoned pro. So here’s to the wordpress blogging community, and our own individual goals, wish you all the best in achieving what you set out to do in 2016.

From the South East London Blogger x









11 thoughts on “Who am I? Why am I here?

  1. I love the idea of your blog! The way you’ve started completely as you mean to go on is pretty brave and I love your no nonsense way of writing! This theme is quite dark, but I think it’s effective. I’m pretty new to blogging (I started about a week ago) so my opinions may not be very valuable but good luck with your blog!

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  2. There are many themes. Mostly they are free. They are easy to try on. Your writing is clear and well-written. You may hit 500 followers in one year? Or you may not? Lots of competition out there. If I had any advice? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Aging? Well that’s a mindset kind of thing. I am substantially older than yourself. Life is only over when you think it is … Cheers Jamie Holding the Ball https://hirundinedotnet2.wordpress.com/


    • Lots and lots of competition but all you can do it devote yourself to what you are trying to achieve.thank you for taking time to stop by going to check out your blog now. Age is about mindset but sometimes circumstances can force us to grow up before our time also

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    • Definitely but I meant that sometimes life forces you to take on responsibilities that you haven’t chosen for yourself which consequently makes you feel
      Older as your taking on responsibilities form
      A young age which can make you feel older than you are for example young carers or guardians you can be young in age but that sense of responsibility makes you feel ten times your age.

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  3. Yes I’m a snake I believe what are you? Why do you ask. interesting and unusual question funny enough I have Chinese blood hence the name Leung sadly don’t know much about the culture though aside from the fact that it’s very deep, spiritual and holds centuries of traditions.

    Are u into that sort of thing?


    • In answer to your question. Both yes and no. All you say is true, about that. Yet many Chinese reject their spiritual background too. My animal is the “Ox”. My girlfriend happens to be a Tiger. I live in western Canada. Victoria B.C.

      In western terms I am an Aries, My personality type is INFJ. I am a vegetarian. I currently live by myself and am retired. … I maybe said that? My son lives near me and I have a grandson. My sister lives in London … Finchley. I went to school in Hendon, which is where we lived. I am a child of the sixties born in the forties. From your photos in your blog. You are an attractive young woman. Keep writing your posts.

      Cheers Jamie.


      • Good old London. Probably not quite the same as when you left it depending on how long ago that was. Well sounds like you would have a lot share as there was much going on in London/England at that time. Sounds like you have a lovely family life and thanks again for taking the time to talk to a young lady and your encouraging words

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