A Leaking Tap Evokes Deep Thoughts

‘Do what you can, With what you have,Where you are’. – Theodore Roosevelt 

When you live in a house, especially if you have lived there for a long time, it’s inevitable that things will get rusty around the edges and need some maintenance.

But sometimes things are beyond repair they just say enough is enough and breakdown. We all know this is frustrating, inconvenient and expensive. It’s goodbye to that new outfit you wanted, because the priority is to fix that inconsiderate thing that had the nerve to breakdown.  

Now a few weeks ago our tap started dripping although it was not ideal, it could have stayed like that for a few weeks longer. So although this tap had been dripping for quite sometime, the other night, my Dad had an epiphany and decided to try and repair this tap.

I figure he must have been really bored, they say God loves a tryer but believe me some people really should not try . They need to leave it to people who know what they are doing.

Because people like my dad should not attempt to fix these things, as it can be detrimental. So he tries to fix the tap, nearly resulting in a flood almost like the flood God sent, to wipe Mankind from the earth. But at least God warned his people because there was no warning in this household. 

Instead of making the situation better, he made it a whole lot worse! Long story short this incident really made me think about two things:

  1. The importance of choosing your life partner carefully, I believe a man should be a man in that, no he won’t know how to repair every single thing in the house but he should know the basics,  and at least and be willing to do what needs to be done without coercement.  

2) Why are we not taught the basics of home repairs while we are in a educational institution ? I felt really useless I didn’t know what to do, and when your unsure it means you have to pay someone who is sure. 

If we are fortunate enough to live in a house or own a house, things will go wrong and though there will be many things that we can’t repair. I think its important to know the little things; How to use a drill, change an electrical socket, wiring a plug those sorts of things.

Because we can’t always rely on people to do something for us. So why not learn ourselves? Save ourselves the expense and feel great about the fact that we done it ourself, not having to wait on anyone.

As a young women who is responsible for the household, if anything goes wrong its my responsibility to sort it. So I’m looking into a basic home repairs course (why is everything in this country so damn expensive). But if I do enrol, it will be worth it.  

In the end it turns out the tap needed a new washer something I wouldn’t have known because I have no clue about these things. My boyfriend was able to diagnose the problem (again chose your life partner carefully).

Thank God he was, otherwise God knows how much I would have had to pay for a plumber (give me a flat pack that needs assembling and I will assemble it.) But as far as plumbing is concerned I haven’t got a clue).  

This incident just really feel made me think deeply about the importance of us learning/teaching ourselves what we can. Some things will be out of our remit as we can’t be an expert in everything.

But this should not stop us empowering ourselves where we can, and you never know maybe you will be able to buy that outfit you had your eyes on instead of having to fork out to pay the repair man.